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Oct 31, 2012 5:00am EDT
moves it towards obama. >> romney proves to be talking about cutting support for fema. he's not answering questions on that at the moment. how much of an issue is that for him? >> i think it's tough. i think any time it looks like you are not being responsive to questions about a major issue in the news, particularly one that's impacting so many people's lives, and not defending your record and what you've said in the past -- and he has made comments about transferring federal funds for disaster relief to the states. he's made statements about that in the past. and he's just refusing to talk about it. now, if he came out and said look, i think the federal government is doing the right thing, they're helping out in the way that they should. here's how i would do things differently. that might be helpful. but it looks like he's dodging questions right now and this is on everybody's mind, so that can't be helpful to him. >> how is turnout likely to be affected? who is this going to benefit the most? >> i think in terms of reducing turnout, that's where it would be less helpful to p
Nov 2, 2012 5:00am EDT
walk. it's dismantled and empty. fema is now opening disaster centers for people to begin getting federal aid. and all up and down the jersey shore, crews are trying to remove debris, trying to get the power back on. but in parts of new jersey, the entire gas system needs to be rebuilt. hundreds are still locked out and they're losing patience. they're frustrated this recovery cannot happen sooner. and there will are new complications caused by sandy, traffic jams, lock lines for gas, everyone gas rationing. and no rest for the weary. those still without power. a winter storm is head this had way and it could get here well before the power is back on next week. s are ross, back to you. >> take a quick look he at the ftse global 300. fractionally lower, but if you key in, you can see people are largely trying to keep positions on hold before we get the jobs report today. 0.2% down for the cac 40 and ibex lower, as well. >>> still to come, short seller positions will be unmasked today and new european rules go into effect. >> we'll take a look at the implications for investors. >> a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2